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Roll Up Your Sleeve...Cross Your Fingers! Say NO to 3 shots!
Posted on February 14, 2017 10:54 AM by Dr. Zimmer
Roll Up Your Sleeve…Cross Your Fingers! Say No to 3 Shots!
Man, I hate getting shots and my guess is that I am probably in good company. The fewer shots you have to endure, the better. Well, I am going to tell you about three commonly pushed shots you should never let anyone inject into you or anyone you care about. The problem is health care providers want to constantly stick you with needles to supposedly impart some protection against illness. At least, that is the promise. The facts, however, tell a very different story in some cases. The available information tells us that certain shots could actually be more harmful than beneficial to your health.
We inherently trust our doctors when they tell us to get a shot. The thought that any doctor would suggest a course of treatment that gave us no benefit and had not been proven safe and effective, rarely crosses our mind. Well I am here to tell you to wake up and smell the coffee!
The vast majority of doctors never conduct independent research on anything regarding injectables. They go with the usual and standard treatment protocols as influenced strongly by the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors are so busy that they see no need to waste their time to question the effectiveness or safety of any vaccination. In their minds, FDA approval is all the proof they need to enthusiastically recommend the following three shots.
So, I am going to muddy the waters by throwing in those annoying facts that go against the status quo. Here is my list of the top 3 most dangerous and worthless vaccines the medical community should stop injecting into victims immediately.
Bad Shot 1:  Tetanus Shots
This one will probably come as a surprise to most of you. It is so common to get a tetanus shot when you suffer a cut that it is almost a no-brainer. However, this shot should almost NEVER be given.
Tetanus is a condition where muscles contract uncontrollably due to a toxin produced by the dirt dwelling bacteria, Clostridium tetani. Infection occurs when the bacteria or its spores are driven into a deep cut or wound. Since oxygen kills these bacteria, they have to be inserted into a low oxygen environment as found in a deep wound. Thus, it became classically known that “stepping on a rusty nail” could cause Tetanus. Why? Because the rusting process uses up all of the oxygen and allows for the bacteria to grow under the oxygen-free rusted material. When you step on the rusty nail the rust flakes off and the bacteria are inserted into a deep wound.
The spores from this bacteria can be found anywhere in the world. HOWEVER, the active bacteria are mostly found in warm, moist soils that are usually contaminated by animal feces. Infection requires the person to be exposed to a good dose of spores or bacteria. Poor hygiene practices increase the chances of getting the disease, because if you do not bathe you can accumulate spores on your skin. Thus, most cases in the world occur in Africa through Asia. The picture below shows the prevalence of tetanus in the world today. The higher infection rates are reflected by the darker colors. This chart is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).
The chances of you being exposed to a large number of spores or directly to these bacteria are unbelievably low. If you get cut in your garage, kitchen or in the house your chances are basically zero. This is especially true during the winter months! For example, many people cut their finger with a knife in their house. You have exactly no chance of contracting tetanus in this case. Why take a shot for something you cannot get? It would be like me getting a shot to ward off the PMS symptoms I might get next month.
Now, if you live in an area with warm, moist soil and you get a puncture wound while you have been working in this soil; you might consider getting a tetanus shot. This is especially true if manure has been spread on this soil. Your chances of getting this disease, even in this scenario, are almost zero in the U.S. But, this would be the only time you should consider getting this shot. In the U.S., a large percentage of cases occur in drug users and diabetics with chronic wounds who work around warm moist dirt. If you are not in this risk group, you are not at any real risk of getting this disease.
The main question I anticipate people might ask is why not just get the shot if you suffer a wound just to be safe? Even if you are not exposed this time you might be in the next 10 years. I would actually embrace this line of thinking if the shot was completely safe and effective. But, alas, the tetanus shot is not completely safe or effective.
Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows, of the cases where vaccination status had been reported, that 67% of those who contracted the disease had received at least 1 shot of tetanus vaccine. The percentage of people who had received the shot within 10 years was 24.1%! Thus, about one quarter of the people who had received this vaccine within the last 10 years still got the disease. Clearly, this shot is not 100% effective! But, EVERY doctor who recommends this shot (and all vaccines for that matter) implies that if you get this shot you are protected.
Now, one of the biggest arguments used to defend the use of vaccines is that the number of cases has reduced since the implementation of the Tetanus vaccine. And, there is no doubt the data shows this to be true. However, this has very little to do with the tetanus vaccine. There are two non-vaccine related reasons why cases of tetanus have decreased. The first, and most important, is better hygiene practices since the early 1900’s. And, the second is that since the 1970’s we have seen a drastic reduction of “working in the dirt jobs”. How many of your friends work in the dirt? Thank you, Mr. Computer, for helping to reduce tetanus infections in the U.S. 
More concerning than the ineffectiveness of the shot is that in the last 10 years over 500 people have gone to the Emergency Room after having reactions to the shot. Close to 1,500 people reported reactions to the CDC, 38 people were permanently disabled and 2 people actually died. You need to know that these are the results only for the tetanus shot given alone. Most of the tetanus shots given in the U.S. are in combination vaccines. Thus, the number of people injured by this shot is much higher than these numbers represent.
The CDC reports that only 13.2% of reported cases were fatal in the U.S. with a total of around 300 cases of tetanus reported in the last 10 years. Over the last 10 years, about 40 people have died because of tetanus with many of them being high risk drug addicts and chronically ill diabetics. That means the vaccine has killed or permanently disabled the same number of people as the disease itself. But, only 300 people suffered from the actual disease while, at a minimum, 1,500 people suffered reactions to the shot. The cure is worse than the disease!
So, the bottom line is that the facts show the vaccine is not all that effective and is most certainly not completely safe. Your chances of contracting tetanus in the U.S. are next to zero. The only time you should consider getting this shot is if you are working in warm, moist soil, which has been spread with manure, and you puncture yourself. Or, you might consider getting the shot if you are visiting one of those countries where infection rate is high. If not, do not let them inject you or your children with this potentially dangerous and worthless shot.
Bad Shot 2:  The Flu Shot
I will not get into all of the specifics as to why the flu shot is basically worthless. I urge you to read my article “Flu Shot: Trick or Treat?” and "The Flu Shot Lie" for in-depth reviews of flu shots.
What I want to share with you is some very disturbing information about the flu shot that you will not see pasted on the front pages of news papers, magazines or as the lead story on the T.V. news. If the information I am about to share with you were to involve a natural substance you would see warning reports on every media in the U.S. The hypocrisy is painfully real.
A very bright and observant Canadian researcher made the connection that people who got the 2008-09 flu shot were more likely to get infected with the H1N1 flu in 2009-10. Five studies completed in Canada confirmed this observation. The results were, of course, down played due to the fact that this kind of information would be very harmful to the flu shot industry.
But, now this researcher (Dr. Danuta Skowronski) has reproduced the findings using ferrets. She conducted a study where she gave the ferrets either a flu shot or a placebo. The researcher injecting the animals did not know if they were injecting a placebo or the real flu shot. Thus, there was no bias to influence the results. The results are disturbing and confirm that the flu shot caused those animals that were then infected with H1N1 to become much sicker than those that received the placebo. This confirms the findings seen in humans.
Let me state the findings in simple terms. If you get a regular flu shot you are more likely to get infected by more serious strains of the flu! Dr. Skowronski stated the reason for this real finding is unknown and she urged other research groups to get to the root of the problem before the next flu pandemic.
Again, you and I both know that if any natural substance caused this same effect, the medical community would be calling for the removal of that substance from the market until it was proven safe. But, when the flu shot causes people to become more likely to contract a potentially dangerous flu they tell you to not stop getting your flu shot. Why would they not tell you to stop getting a flu shot until they found the reason for this disturbing finding? After you read “Flu Shot: Trick or Treat?” you will see that the flu shot is basically a worthless shot in the first place.
There are two powerful reasons why there is not a call to stop flu vaccinations. The first is if doctors admitted that the flu vaccine was not effective and was potentially dangerous, your trust in their judgment could be shaken. Can you imagine if your doctor all of a sudden told you that a shot they had urged you to get (and sometimes even used scare tactics on you) so many times in the past could actually be dangerous? My feeling is that they willfully ignore or downplay these type of findings. The other reason is because the pharmaceutical companies involved in the flu shot industry, and who have tremendous influence over the practice of medicine, are worried about losing the thing that is most important to them. Can you guess what that is?
Please do not let them inject you or your children with this worthless and dangerous shot.
Bad Shot 3:  Gardasil
Nothing scares…I mean motivates you more to pay attention than the word Cancer. And the makers of Gardasil, Merck, take full advantage of this fact in promoting the use of their vaccine against HPV (Human PapillovaVirus). The campaign to push Gardasil uses the tactic of who could be against a vaccine that will save lives from cancer.
The message is so powerful and convincing that one state's governor signed an executive order to force all girls to get the vaccine in order to attend school. He, no doubt, was convinced that he was taking action to save women’s lives from this dreaded disease. The problem is that the supposed protection from Gardasil is not so cut and dry. Actually, the real facts should scare every parent to make sure they NEVER inject this poison into their children.
I will try to make you understand how ridiculous it is to use this vaccine in as simple terms as is possible. There are 15 different strains of HPV known to cause cancer. The Gardasil vaccine contains virus-like particles, which MIGHT protect against only 9 different strains of HPV. Not one study shows that Gardasil prevents cancer! The studies done by Merck showed a decrease in HPV infection only in girls who were not already infected with HPV.
Their claim of cancer reduction is theoretical using the logic that reduced infection means protection from cancer. The problem with this line of thinking is that this makes a huge assumption that the vaccine will impart life-long protection against HPV. However, consistent evidence from other vaccines shows that this is rarely, if ever, the case. Thus, the claim that Gardasil protects against cancer is theoretically weak, at best. It is NOT a factual claim even though you would never know this by listening to pro-vaccine advocates.
Now here are the really disturbing facts.
There are a number of HPV vaccines available including, Gardasil. The CDC takes reports about the adverse effects from these similar vaccines. As of January 2017, there have been 17,862 serious adverse events reported to the CDC because of these vaccines. Keep in mind that these are the events where a parent called the doctor and then actually took the time to make the report. How many other events occurred where the doctor down played the side-effect and no report was made? The total number of real adverse events is WAY higher than 17,862! Take a moment to let this number sink in.
In addition, there were 14,108 Emergency Room visits where 4,505 girls ended up being hospitalized. Of those, 1,677 became permanently disabled in some capacity, 789 had life-threatening symptoms and 304 girls are DEAD because of these vaccines. These numbers should scare the heck out of you. These numbers should make you mad as a hornet! Especially, if your doctor convinced you to inject this poison into your child!
The bottom line is that in light of these very real and known adverse reactions you have to ask yourself a very important question. Why in the world would you allow someone to inject your child with such a dangerous vaccine when there is only a theoretical HOPE that they will realize a reduction in the chance of getting HPV related cancers? Moreover, ask yourself why any doctor would ENTHUSIASTICALLY suggest that you inject your child with this dangerous vaccine?
Please stop killing children with this worthless shot!
Dr. Z’s Final Thoughts
I will say there are other vaccines that I think are worthless and/or potentially dangerous. I didn’t include them here simply because I am afraid if an article is too long, it will not be read. On top of the list not included in this article would be vaccines for Chicken Pox and for Hepatitis B. Feel free to contact me to get my thoughts on why you should stay away from these vaccines.
My main hope is you will come to the realization that you have to educate yourself in order to make proper health decisions for your family. Your doctor has been irreversibly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to their vaccine beliefs. They will always give you the pro vaccine position and will downplay any opposing views. If you think they have balanced their opinions by a thorough review of the facts, you are naïve. If you think me wrong, just take a moment next time they ask you to get a tetanus, flu or Gardasil vaccine to ask them if the information I have just shared with you causes them any concern. I will bet you big time they do not even know about these facts. Your doctor is not a vaccine expert; he/she is a vaccine advocate. Understanding this difference may save your life!
As always, when it comes to the subject of vaccines, my goal is to give you the balanced information you need in order to make an informed decision. You may very well decide to accept the injection of these vaccines after you read the information and perspective I have provided for you in this article. All I can suggest to you if you still decide to let them inject you or your children with these shots is to roll up your sleeves and then cross your fingers!