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Posted on October 23, 2017 5:17 PM by Dr. Zimmer
Every year, right around the time of Halloween, something very scary begins. That’s right…I am talking about the annual flu vaccination campaign. This is the time of year when your doctors and advertisements urge you to get flu shots for everyone in your family.
Actually, the word “urge” should be replaced with the word “scare.” To understand why all you need to do is to pay attention to the underlying theme of advertisements that scare you to take immediate action in order to “protect” yourself, your children, the elderly and pregnant women. They infer that not getting the shot makes you irresponsible because you are increasing the risk of a grave outcome without reason. As you are about to learn, this is purposefully misleading and has nothing to do with improving your health.
Now, if you are not influenced by this type of "scare strategy" I would argue that you do not have a pulse (or you already know the facts I am about to share). This scare tactic is executed by telling only the part of the story that skews your opinion towards what advocates of the flu shot want you to believe. They purposely deceive their audience into believing that significant illness or even dealth are very real risks for the average person when it comes to the flu. What is the other name we use to describe purposeful deception? Oh, yeah…a lie! I am going to give you information to reveal that the flu shot does little to lower the risk of getting the flu and does not reduced the risk of death at all in a healthy population! I am also going to explain to you the important risks of taking the flu shot, since these risks are NEVER disclosed by either the marketing campaign or the medical community.
I realize that I have an uphill battle to wage here with many reading this article. The reason why is because in addition to the extensive advertising campaigns a more powerful force also urges compliance with getting flu shots every year and that force is the medical community.
Every doctor I know believes that just about everyone should get a flu shot. It is very difficult for most of us to believe that all doctors could be misguided or wrong on any topic. Maybe some…but not all! Really? There are so many examples of how this "group think", influenced effectively by the pharmaceutical industry, has been wrong in the past it is staggering. All doctors freely wrote for the prescription drugs Bextra and Vioxx for years.  That is until the fact that these drugs were killing tens of thousands of people could no longer be ignored. How could ALL doctors have been wrong for so many years? At one time, every doctor vigorously defended the benefits and safety of giving women horse estrogens (Premarin®). Studies revealing the dangers of giving estrogen to women were published all over the literature. They were absolutely and summarily ignored by the medical community because the studies did not agree with the collective thought that giving women horse estrogen was a good and safe practice. They were ALL wrong! These examples are very similar to the flu shot story. Doctors completely ignore any negatives and robotically recite the party line that everyone needs a flu shot. So, do not be lulled into a false sense of security that the flu vaccination must be safe and effective simply because of the medical community’s vigorous endorsement. Look at the facts to make your decision.
What Is The Flu?
Before we start talking about the flu, I want to make sure you understand what it is. Believe it or not, most people mistakenly think that most sicknesses during this time of year are the flu. You may be surprised to learn that the flu is a respiratory disease. It is not a digestive disease. You do not normally get diarrhea or vomiting with the flu. When you get a fever, nausea and diarrhea…YOU DO NOT have the flu! The flu is a sudden onset respiratory virus that causes coughing, fever/headache, and whole body muscle achiness/fatigue. Thus, when you or your child comes home with a fever, diarrhea and vomiting it is not the flu. They have a digestive bug. The flu vaccination does nothing to prevent these illnesses.
The reason why this is so important is that most parents will think that the flu is going around the school when it is a digestive virus, not the flu. Schools even send emails out warning parents that the flu is hitting hard when it is not the flu at all. The perception is that any bad illness is the flu, which makes most parents think that the flu is more prevalent than it really is. In fact, during a BAD season the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that only 2 out of 10 people will get the flu. People inherently think the number is much higher because they incorrectly label digestive illnesses as the flu.
The Benefits of Flu Shots
So, what is the real benefit gained from getting a flu shot? How effective is the flu shot at protecting you? If you listen to the flu advertising or to your doctor you would think that the flu vaccine is close to 100% effective. The intentionally mis-representation is if you get the flu shot you will gain significant protection from contracting the flu.
Let’s look at some facts so you can begin to form your educated opinion. As stated, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that up to 20% of the population can catch the flu in a bad season. Some years it can be much lower. Thus, at most, only 2 out of 10 people will get the flu in a bad year. So, how effective is the flu shot at lowering this already low risk? The answer is no one can tell you because it depends upon what strain of the flu hits your area. The benefit depends upon how lucky they get in matching the vaccine’s strain with the strain affecting the population. The CDC states that in years when vaccine strains are well matched to the flu virus circulating in the population, “vaccine effectiveness typically exceeds 50%...” For the most recent flu seasons the vaccine effectiveness has been less than 50%. Thus, it is basically less than a coin flip as to whether you will gain any benefit from the flu vaccine. The take home point is that the flu vaccine is not even close to 100% effective as is covertly suggested by flu shot advocates. In fact, in 2014-15 it was only 19% effective. In 2015-16 it was estimated at 48% and in 2016-17 it was only 42% effective. The average effectiveness over the 13 years prior to 2017 was only 41%.
The Dangers of Getting A Flu Shot
When the subject of getting a flu shot is brought up by a doctor or nurse, you are NEVER told about the potentially harmful effects of the shot. The potential side effects are dismissed by telling you there may be a mild (they always use the word mild) reddening and soreness at the sight of the injection. Or, you will be told there is a slight (another word they like to use) chance of experiencing a mild fever or muscle achiness. The dismissive nature used to list these side effects is meant to quell any concerns you may be harboring about getting the shot.
It is important for you to know the flu vaccination causes many serious adverse reactions every single year. The numbers below represent the number of people who experienced signficant reactions to the seasonal flu vaccination during the past ten years. I want you to know that I am not pulling numbers off of an anti-flu vaccination web site. These numbers come from the United States government’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Here are some disturbing facts taken from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
CDC Reported Adverse Events in Last 10 Years for Flu Vaccinations:
Adverse Event Total Number Yearly Total
Deaths 365 37
Permanent Disability 1,191 119
Hospitalization 4,962 496
Emergency Room 28,858 2,886
Not Serious But Reported 80,453 8,045

Let’s analyze the meaning of these numbers. First, you have to understand that the flu shot does not reduce the risk of death in a healthy population at all! The redection of death in the elderly and very sick is minimal, if at all.
A study published in the Lancet Infectious Disease journal (Lancet Infect Dis. 2008 Aug;8(8): 460-1) had this to say about flu vaccinations:
“Recent excess mortality (death) studies were unable to confirm a decline in influenza-related mortality (death) since 1980, even as vaccination coverage increased from 15% to 65%.”


“New studies, however, have shown substantial unadjusted selection bias in previous cohort studies…We conclude that frailty selection bias and use of non-specific endpoints such as all-cause mortality have led cohort studies to greatly exaggerate vaccine benefits…The remaining evidence base is currently insufficient to indicate the magnitude of the mortality (death)  benefit, if any, that elderly people derive from the vaccination program.”
But, the flu vaccine causes 37 deaths and 119 permament disabilities each year! Almost 3,000 people go to the hospital and 500 of those are hospitalized each year thanks to the flu shot! Over 8,000 adverse effects are bad enough to be reported and how many tens of thousands are not reported at all?
Unfortunately, the direct risk of getting sick from the flu shot is not the only risk. There are a number of toxic ingredients found in a flu vaccine. The negative impact upon you and your child’s health from these ingredients are impossible to determine. The influenza virus is grown in egg protein and is deactivated with formaldehyde. Other ingredients include MSG (MonoSodium Glutamate), polyethylene glycol p-isooctyl-pheyl ether, polyoxyethylene 9-10 nonyl phenol and thimerosol (mercury). Mercury is found in adult vaccines. Most children’s vaccines only contain a trace of mercury. But, many clinics give children and adults the same vaccine. I guess I would advise you to ask yourself how much formaldehyde and other chemicals you are comfortable having injected into your child. My answer would be none unless the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
The Bottom Line:
The flu shot has the potential to impart some protection from contracting the flu. The facts suggest that, at most, it reduces your chance by less than a coin flip. There is no solid evidence that the flu shot reduces mortality (death) in any age group. Remember, also, the flu does not cause digestive symptoms. These illnesses will not be helped by getting a flu shot. Thus, the benefits gleaned from getting a flu shot are not impressive by any manner.
You would not come to this conclusion if you listened to the medical community or to the advertising blitz. The medical community is willfully ignorant and those making money from these shots intentionally deceive the public as to the dangers of the flu and to the benefits from getting a flu shot. Are they deceiving you for your own benefit or for theirs? Do you really think they intentionally deceive you because they know you are too stupid to figure out the benefits for yourself if they give you all of the information? No, they deceive you because they know if you found out that the flu shot is minimally effective, not completely safe, and contains toxic ingredients you would more than likely opt out of getting the shot. If, however, they paint a false picture of danger and amplify the benefits of the cure you will be motivated to go out and get the shot.
No health professional can attest to the true safety for you or your child in getting a flu shot. In their minds no immediate reaction equates to safety. As is true with any vaccine, health professionals are reluctant to admit the negatives. If you don’t believe me, just call your doctor and tell them that you think your child is getting a reaction from a vaccination. Their first inclination will be to dismiss this claim. I have heard this story more times than I would like to admit.
Here is what you should be told when you ask your doctor whether or not you should get a flu shot:
“You should know the risk of getting the flu is typically less than 20%, which means you have more than an 80% chance of not getting the flu. The shot may help reduce this chance by less than a coin flip. The shot does contain egg, formaldehyde, mercury and other chemicals, but in very small amounts. We have no idea whether you will experience any negative effects from these ingredients, but you most likely will not. It is extremely rare, but you should know the shot can cause serious illness such as death, permanent disability or hospitalization. Again, this is extremely rare. Do you want the shot?”
I have no problem at all if you want to get the flu shot for you or your family after you consider all of the information. I think you would be better served by washing your hands immediately after touching any surface that is contacted by multiple people. The funny thing is that when you go to your doctor’s office you grab a door knob that has been contacted by MANY sick people. How many times do you use a tissue to open that door or wash your hands immediately after entering the office? Doctor, I am here to get my flu shot because I just touched your door knob! The irony is that you increase your chance of getting the flu simply by going to the doctor to get a flu shot.
So, is the flu shot a Trick or a Treat? I would say it is both. There is a lot of tricking going on and the treat is like that person who gives you a handful of pennies… not that great of a treat.
Posted on July 7, 2017 1:35 PM by Dr. Zimmer
The sky is falling…the sky is falling! Make sure you and your children get vaccinated ASAP with the Whooping Cough vaccine in order to save lives!
A recent California increase of whooping cough cases,  also known as Pertussis, renewed the call to vaccinate. Although this seems logical, the tactics being used are meant to scare and/or guilt you into getting this vaccine with the use of half-truths and partial information. The tactic is effective because the majority of the population really does not know anything about the Whooping Cough vaccine beyond the claim that it is vital to get and that it saves lives.   Read on, if you want to find out the facts in order to make a truly informed decision.
I like to start my factual articles regarding any vaccine with the full disclosure that I am NOT completely anti-vaccine. If you read my other articles regarding this subject, this fact will become very clear to you. I am, however, strongly against the pro-vaccine misinformation campaigns meant to scare or guilt you into being injected with these substances for reasons of profit and ego preservation.
So, the reports of 6 infant deaths along with 1,500 cases of whooping cough in California seemed to paint a compelling picture as to why everyone should get a whooping cough vaccine right away. Pro-vaccine zealots used these numbers to claim that the rational debate is over and that those who do not vaccinate are actually “immoral”! The Today Show’s chief medical editor at the time, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, stated that she found people who did not vaccinate to be “offensive and immoral”. Hypocritically, she does not find it "offensive and immoral" to purposely present only part of the facts regarding vaccinations in order to skew public opinion.
To help illustrate how the news and the medical profession report only partial facts to influence opinion, look at the picture below:
Now, what conclusion would you come to if you only knew that a dangerous three hundred pound Bengal tiger was two feet away from a young child? You would think that this child was in grave danger and would likely lose his life should nothing drastic be done right away. The information you got was not false. This deadly tiger is indeed two feet away from this little boy. But, if you also knew that there was an impenetrable glass barrier between the tiger and the child, your sense of urgency would be calmed by having gained the knowledge of all of the facts. People, like Dr. Snyderman, willfully leave out any information that would calm your alarm and sense of urgency when it comes to vaccinations.
Let’s look at a more complete analysis of the facts, so you can get the full picture when it comes to the whooping cough story.
There are three main claims made by the vaccination industry. The first is that people (especially infants) are dying from whooping cough. The second is that vaccination will protect them from the disease and the final one is that the disease epidemic is being driven by the non-vaccinated. Let's see if these claims hold any water.
In a segment on the Today Show, Dr. Snyderman said she was angered by the fact that 6 infants lost their lives who “frankly should not have died!” As a parent, I can tell you that this is gut wrenching to me. The thought of one of my children dying as an infant from whooping cough when a vaccine would have saved his or her life over-whelms me with guilt. The claims made by Dr. Snyderman were two-fold. If you get vaccinated you will be protected from this disease and anyone who does not get their children vaccinated has blood on their hands. This is a tactic meant to cause a palpable fear of not being able to bear the guilt if your child got this disease. It is very effective, even though it is inaccurate. Now for the rest of the story.
The first pro-vaccine claim is that infants are dying needlessly. Is this true? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that you do not get full immunity from this disease until after you get 5 shots. Under the schedule of vaccination this means that your child will not get immunity until he or she is at least 4 years old. The CDC emphasizes that infants under 6 months of age are not yet protected by the whooping cough vaccine. ALL of the children who died in California were under 4 months of age! Thus, the CDC reveals that the whooping cough vaccine would not have been expected to have “saved” these infant’s lives in any case. Dr. Snyderman is either grossly misinformed regarding the facts of the Pertussis vaccine or she is willfully misrepresenting the facts to support her position. In the California whooping cough epidemic, the facts reveal that no lives were lost due to lack of vaccination. The claims by the news media certainly do not accurately reflect this truth.
The second pro-vaccine claim is that the vaccine will protect you from the disease. This is an interesting one for me. There is no doubt that the whooping cough vaccine has some effectiveness. But, and this is a huge “But”, a very large portion of the people who got whooping cough in California were fully vaccinated. Now, you will hear them state that they “think” the epidemic is being driven by the non-vaccinated or under-vaccinated. This may or may not be true. We simply do not know. What cannot be denied, however, is that many of the people getting the disease are indeed fully vaccinated. Research showed that 81% of the people who got whooping cough in California were fully vaccinated. This fact is completely glossed over because of the fear that the next logical question will be asked to which they have no answer. How effective is the vaccine if a large number of fully vaccinated people are getting the disease? The answer undermines the implied claim that if you get vaccinated you will be safe from the disease. The reality is that the vaccine does not provide full protection from the disease and is thus, not as good or effective as implied.
Later on in the interview, Dr. Snyderman gave a completely ridiculous illustration of how a selfish unvaccinated person puts cancer and Multiple Sclerosis victims at risk when they go grocery shopping. She says the unvaccinated are “offensive and immoral”. How in the world could an unvaccinated person put a vaccinated person at any risk? Again, if the other person was fully vaccinated they would be safe from contracting the disease; would they not? Her illustration was meant to cast aspersions upon the unvaccinated, but it actually undermines her own argument. How can she argue that a vaccinated person is completely protected against contracting a disease unless they come in contact with the disease? See how ridiculous that is? She is either being disingenuous or grossly ignorant. Additionally, her implication is that a person with cancer or M.S. would die if they contracted Pertussis. Yet, this is NOT a deadly disease and deaths from Pertussis are rare. There would be little to no expectation of death in either of these groups of people.
Whooping Cough Vaccine Safety
Now let me put a spot light on some facts that may cause you to become outraged. The topic of vaccine safety is completely glossed over by advocates like Dr. Snyderman. She simply states that the vaccine is safe under a completely unquestionable tone. The claim of vaccine safety inherently suggests that the benefits greatly outweigh any potential negatives. The facts I am about to share with you come from the CDC’s website. These are official government numbers. They are not taken from some anti-vaccine website. Decide for yourself if you think the whooping cough vaccine is equal in safety to drinking a glass of water, as is always implied.
The CDC states that between 2012 and 2015  there were 130,649 cases of Pertussis reported, including 52 deaths (around 30,000 cases with 13 deaths per year). Here is a sickening fact from the CDC VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System): Pertussis containing vaccines caused 147 United States deaths and 156 permanent disabilities between 2012 and 2015! Thus, the vaccine caused almost three times as many deaths as did the disease and disabled another 156 children! Come on…this could not be true. How could our doctors even support this vaccine, let alone claim it to be safe, if this number is true? The answer is that this fact illustrates just how influential the pharmaceutical industry is over your doctors.
Prove it to yourself. Ask your doctor if more children currently die from the vaccine or the disease each year. I guarantee you will be told that the disease kills way more than the vaccine and they will minimize the chances of death from the vaccine. The vaccine kills three times as many children as does the disease and disables another 156! I am telling you that this information will be news to your doctor. How could this be? The answer is they only get information from the pharmaceutical industry, which has a very big interest in not letting doctors evaluate the complete facts.
To be fair and accurate in my analysis of this vaccine, we have to look at a couple of other facts. Let’s say that no one received the Pertussis vaccine. The number of cases of Pertussis would certainly be higher than the 30,000 cases and 13 deaths per year average between 2012 and 2015. Prior to vaccination there was an average of 175,000 cases of Pertussis per year. At the same rate of death of 52 deaths per 130,649, we would expect to see around 70 deaths a year from Pertussis, if there was no vaccine. Thus, if there was no vaccine, we would see an average of 57 more deaths a year (70 deaths a year without a vaccine minus 13 deaths a year with vaccine).
We are not done yet. Notice that I only gave you the CDC’s number for deaths (147) and permanent disabilities (156) caused by Pertussis containing vaccines. In addition, there were 7,447 emergency room visits and 1,238 of those kids were hospitalized! Over-all there were 19,005 adverse reactions reported to the CDC because of Pertussis containing vaccines between 2012 and 2015! In total, 75 children are killed or permanently disabled each year because of this vaccine. Thus, the vaccine actually hurts more people than it helps.
Below is a screen shot from the search of negative events between 2012 and 2015:
Why in the world would your doctor, who so strongly advocates for vaccination, not know this information? How is it that I am the one who is giving you this information instead of the person ordering the injection of vaccine? How many people would actually decide to get the injection if they got all of the information? How much money would then be lost?
Now that you have more complete information, ask yourself this question: Is the cure worse than the disease?

The Bottom Line
There is no doubt the Pertussis vaccine can be effective. The amount of cases per year has been drastically reduced because of the vaccine. There is also no doubt that the vaccine now kills and permanently disables way more children than does the disease each year.
As a parent, you have to make the decision as to whether you think the risk of your child getting this disease is worth the risk of injecting them with the vaccine. I would be willing to bet that the parents of the 7,447 children who went to the E.R. after receiving this injection would strongly disagree with the medical community's characterization of the vaccine as unquestionably safe. I know that the parents of those killed and disabled by the vaccine would more than disagree.
You have to consider the fact that at this point in time your child is more likely to have their lives ruined from the injected vaccine than from the disease itself. I fully understand the argument that if no one vaccinates the disease will increase. But the numbers show that the vaccine is indeed more dangerous than the disease even if we did not vaccinate at all.
Could you live with yourself if your child was permanently damaged or killed by the vaccine when the risk of dying from the disease was lower than the risk of dying from being injected by the vaccine? See how that scare tactic can be utilized both ways? My recommendation is if the risk changes, due to lack of vaccination and increased disease, you can always choose to vaccinate at that time.
Dr. Snyderman (along with the majority of the medical community) states that she is unapologetically pro-vaccine. Maybe she and the medical community should consider working on an apology.
Posted on April 18, 2017 9:10 AM by Dr. Zimmer
There are few topics more polarizing than whether or not vaccinations, also known as immunizations, should be given to your children. One side passionately believes that the benefits of receiving vaccines clearly outweigh the risks. The other side feels just as strongly about the opposite position. Both sides feel that the other is being grossly misled.
The indisputable fact is that our children’s well-being is the most important concern. With that in mind, let me outline both sides of the argument and then give you my opinion. Keep in mind that I am only outlining some of the positions these groups have for or against the use of vaccinations. If I covered all of the aspects thoroughly this article would be 50 pages long!


The Medical Community’s View
I can tell you from personal experience that the medical community, as a whole, takes it as a kind of personal insult when anyone questions the validity of giving children multiple vaccinations. In their minds the issue of the great benefits vs. extremely small risks is not open for discussion. Their view is that any person with even a modicum of intelligence would not question the benefits of vaccinations. I can tell you of numerous incidences where doctors have even become visibly upset and verbally amplified when a parent suggests that they are considering not having their child receive the recommended vaccinations. Some even dismiss the child as a patient if they will not get vaccinations!

This begs the questions of, “Why?” Why do they get so upset? Why have they become so convinced of vaccine benefits? Why do they completely dismiss any concern of the risks involved with being vaccinated?

One reason why they get so upset is that they cannot understand how anyone can ignore the benefits of vaccinations. Prior to the widespread vaccination of children the number of cases for numerous diseases was quite high. For example, there were over 100,000 cases of Diphtheria per year; whereas now there are none. There were close to 500,000 cases of measles per year; now there are only a handful of cases each year. Smallpox has been eradicated. Polio has become a disease of the past. In the minds of the medical community these numbers prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that vaccinations are an effective and a necessary part of public health.

The next question is why the medical community, as a whole, ignores any of the risks involved with vaccinations. Those within the medical community will tell you that they do not ignore the risks involved with vaccination. They would contend that the risks are extremely low and basically negligible. And this attitude is definitely portrayed at any meeting with your doctor when it comes to discussing the topic of vaccination. You will hear how vital it is to get your child immunized and about the rarity of any potential side-effects. So, in the view of the medical community any fear about vaccines is unfounded and based on hysteria; not fact.

We will see…

The Vaccine Opponent’s View
Those who dislike vaccines are driven by the belief that there are few to no benefits from vaccines, but very real and significant side-effects. In their view vaccines cause everything from Autism to death and many ailments in between. A good number of those who are vigilantly opposed to vaccines have had children who experienced some sort of reaction after they received a dose of vaccine. NOTHING motivates a person more to take up a cause against something than when one of their children has been hurt.

Most opponents argue that vaccines are not effective and point to a number of facts that support this assertion. First, they point to the fact that the Polio epidemic was actually starting to decline naturally before the Polio vaccine was introduced. In other words, administering of the Polio vaccine was not begun until the number of new polio cases had already started to decrease dramatically, as is the case for the normal course of any epidemic. Next, they point to the fact that people who have received vaccinations actually can and do get the diseases for which they have been immunized.

Another major concern for vaccine opponents deals with the “stuff” found in vaccines. Vaccines may contain toxic substances including mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde; to name only a few. Although these are supplied in very small amounts, opponents to vaccines blame these ingredients for the onset of a wide variety of disease states.

The other aspect of vaccination programs, which opponents dislike, is that they are basically forced upon the majority of the population. Their bottom-line view is that vaccines are forced upon the population for reasons of making money and have little to do with the safety of our children.

We will see…

Dr. Zimmer’s View
I think the best way for me to begin is to tell you what I think right off of the bat. That way you know exactly where I am coming from and you won’t have to spend any energy trying to figure me out. I will provide support for my views after I state them.
  • I believe the evidence is compelling that most vaccines are effective at protecting against the diseases for which they were intended. An exception would be the flu vaccine, which is close to worthless.
  • I believe that the protection provided by most vaccines lasts for only a limited number of years. The evidence also suggests that the immunity we got from our childhood vaccinations has decreased and may not be protective at all in a good number of adults; if not the majority.
  • I believe that we are forcing children to get way too many vaccines and at too early an age.
  • I believe that vaccines are no where near as safe as is claimed by the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals.
  • I believe that the reason why doctors get upset when a patient suggests that they may want to forgo vaccines has little to do with their genuine concern for your child’s health, as will be the claim. It has to do with bruised egos and an incomplete knowledge of the facts.
  • I believe that the government’s forcing of our children to receive vaccinations has very little to do with protecting children. It has to do with making money.
O.K., now let’s go through the reasons why I hold these beliefs. I think you will find that my positions are based on facts and sound logic. If you think otherwise, please let me know.

Vaccines Are Effective (mostly):
It is very hard to support the argument that vaccines do not work at all. The number of disease cases before widespread vaccinations compared to now gives strong evidence that vaccines can be effective. I have never seen a case of polio, but I know at least six 50+ year olds who got polio as a kid and are disabled because of the disease. How many people do you know who contracted polio in the last 10 years? My guess is that your answer is none.

Now the opponents to vaccines will argue that we are not seeing cases, in part, because we are in a naturally occurring low prevalence time between epidemics. That argument might hold more water if other diseases were not so significantly affected by vaccines. Smallpox is gone thanks to vaccinations. The number of cases of Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, and Rubella are few as compared to their prevalence prior to vaccinations. I think taking the stance that all or most vaccines are not effective is not supported by the facts.

Vaccine Protection Fades:
There have been numerous outbreaks of diseases for which the population has been vaccinated. This includes the diseases Mumps, Measles and Pertussis (whooping cough). For example, in 2017 there was a significant outbreak of Mumps at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. There were 41 cases of mumps where 39 (95%) of the students were fully vaccinated for Mumps!

In another mumps outbreak at Butler University in 2016, 100% of the students had received two doses of the mumps vaccine. This gives pretty good evidence that there is decreasing disease protection from the vaccinations we received as kids.

Here is a quote from Dr. Amy Middleman, at the time medical doctor and assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine:
"After the immunization series is completed by age six, Pertussis immunization is rarely discussed at healthcare visits. Few parents realize that the protection from the Pertussis immunization wears off after five to 10 years, leaving teens vulnerable to whooping cough."
Thus, if unprotected people are the reason for the spread of these diseases, we should see them running rampant since the majority of vaccines anyone 20 years or older received as children have worn off!  One thing we know for sure is that vaccine effectiveness fades. The negative effect on public health is clearly not as grave as the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe. It is grave, however, to their bottom line.
We Are Forcing Too Many Vaccines On Our Children:
In 1983 the CDC recommending only 23 doses of 7 vaccines between two months and age six. The government is now recommending (intimidating is a better term) that parents allow their children to get 50 doses of 14 different vaccinations from the DAY OF BIRTH through age six! They recommend 69 doses of 16 vaccines between birth and 18 years of age!

That is a lot of shots. The question is whether or not it is worth giving your child all of these vaccines. I think after you read the next sections you may begin to question the true motivation for these recommendations. Here comes the information that may cause you to become very uneasy with vaccines.

Vaccines Are Nowhere Near As Safe As You Have Been Led To Believe:
The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in creating a picture of vaccines as safe. Here is how they portray the safety of vaccines for “worried” parents in a pharmaceutical flier “What To Expect Guide To Immunizations.”.

“While reactions do sometimes occur with some vaccines (such as soreness or redness where the shot was given, fussiness, or a low-grade fever), the vast majority of these reactions are mild and short-lived. Serious reactions are exceptionally uncommon.”

Notice how they use words like sometimes, some, vast majority, short-lived and exceptionally uncommon. These words give the impression that any worries you have as a parent are being made over something of little importance. An honest statement would read more like this:

“While reactions do commonly occur with ALL vaccines (such as soreness or redness where the shot was given, fussiness, or low-grade fever), the vast majority of these reactions are mild and short-lived. Serious reactions including the need for E.R. visits, hospitalizations, permanent impairment, and death are exceptionally uncommon, but do occur.”

When you read the first intentionally misleading paragraph, you get the feeling that your concerns about vaccine safety are indeed misplaced. After reading the revised and more accurate paragraph you would be much more apt to ask your doctor further, more probing questions. This is not welcomed because in the minds of the medical community the topic is not open for discussion. So, anything that causes you to ask more questions is just a waste of their time.

Now, let me give you the facts.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has a website for the reporting of adverse reactions associated with vaccines. It is called VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System). Here is the link:

The number of reported adverse vaccine reactions over a 10 year period of time is staggering. Keep in mind that these are only the reported reactions. I know a number of people who have called their doctor to inquire whether an observed reaction could be related to the vaccination their child received only to be told that it was probably something else that coincidentally occurred at the same time. None of these reactions get reported. Also keep in mind that these numbers come from the CDC, not from some loony website. Check out the website for yourself.

Before you look at the numbers below you need to know a couple of limitations regarding this information gathered by the CDC. These reports of adverse reactions come after a child was vaccinated and then developed a symptom. It is possible that the development of some of these cases were coincidental to the timing of the child receiving the vaccine. But, in reality, what are the chances that a relatively healthy child receives a vaccine and then needs to be hospitalized or dies simply due to coincidence? Simple coincidence or causative? I think that the number of coincidences has to be extremely low; if not negligible.

In addition, you have to know that some of these numbers are reflected in other numbers. For example, the number of Prolonged Hospitalizations is also part of the number for Hospitalizations. The point is that you cannot add up the numbers in each category to come up with a total number of all adverse events. The exception is with death and permanent disability. Obviously, these can be added as they are not associated. My suggestion is that you just contemplate the total numbers for each event.
CDC Reported Averse Events Over Recent 10 Year Period for:
DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis), HIBV (Haemophilus Influenza B), Hepatitis B & A, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Rotavirus, Varicella (Chicken Pox)
Vaccine Related Event Age <6 months 6-11 months
Total Yearly Average
Child Death 1,752 211 234 18 31 2,246 225
Life Threatening 940 306 718 400 246 2,610 261
Permanent Disability 504 237 918 257 217 2,133 213
Hospitalizations 4,753 1,245 3,297 1,378 807 11,480 1,148
Prolonged Hospital. 202 58 99 40 46 445 44
Emergency Room 10,588 4,234 22,595 20,449 8,355 66,221 6,622
Not Serious 18,719 7,488 43,868 47,924 19,476 137,475 13,748

Let these numbers sink in for a moment.

Now let me ask you a couple of questions to put this into a different perspective. If there was an herb that gave short-term protection from a group of mostly non-deadly diseases, but also caused over 6,000 children to go to the E.R. each year, permanently disabled over 200 children per year, caused over 200 deaths per year in children, and caused over 1,000 children to be hospitalized per year; would the U.S. government allow it to even grow on this planet? Let’s take it even one step further. Would they describe this herb as being extremely safe and would they consider the 200 deaths per year acceptable enough to call it a “rare” occurrence? You and I know very well that not one of the medical doctors who tell you that vaccinations are extremely safe would ever consider giving you anything natural that had the above number of reported events associated with its use. Keep in mind if you are thinking, "But, how many lives are saved by these vaccines", that most of these vaccines are NOT for deadly diseases! So, very few lives are saved by the majority of vaccines.

Why doctors get so upset when you refuse vaccinations:
I can tell you the medical community really believes that vaccinations are vital to your child’s health. I can also tell you that the medical community is willfully and stubbornly ignorant when it comes to vaccine facts. I have never met the vaccine advocate (doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse) who knows specific facts about the adverse reactions related to vaccines. Next time you see your health professional ask them if there are any vaccines they have concerns over. Almost always the answer is "none." This alone tells you that they are nothing more than biased advocates on the subject.

They do not acknowledge that many of the diseases for which we vaccinate (measles, mumps, chicken pox) are not by any means deadly. But, they commonly employ "scare tactics" regarding the potential "dangers" involved with not getting those vaccines. They have absolutely no idea of how many children die, are hospitalized, are permanently injured, or go to the E.R. each year because of vaccine adverse reactions. They simply parrot back the mindless mantra of "adverse reactions are very rare". I can tell you that they are typically shocked and question the validity of the numbers when they hear the truth! They have no idea how many people would have to contract these diseases to match the amount injured by the vaccines. Read my article on Whooping Cough to learn about this topic. They completely dismiss any correlation between behavior problems and vaccines and always claim that this subject has been studied and proven to have no correlation. Yet, this is simply not true. Read the statement by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson regarding the CDC destroying information that showed a correlation between the MMR vaccine and Autism. 
So, if your medical health professionals do not know any of this information, how on this green earth can they tell you that the benefits outweigh the risks? They do not know these numbers because they will not listen to any negative information when it comes to the topic of vaccinations.
The real reason why doctors get so upset when you refuse to get vaccines is not because they fear for the safety of your child. They have no idea of any specific benefits versus the risks. The reason they get so upset is because you are questioning one of the absolute truths in medicine. The medical community mindset is that the only people who question vaccines are either quacks, nutty T.V. personalities or unintelligent people. Thus, it really comes down to the bruising of their egos. The collective thought is: How dare you question our expert and educated opinion on a subject that cannot be questioned? They are simply willfully and stubbornly ignorant on the subject of vaccines.
The Real Reason Why We Force Vaccinate Our Children:
By their own admission, the medical community agrees that the diseases for which we vaccinate are not prevalent. The chance of your child getting any of these diseases is so low that no parent should harbor any concern for their child. The chance of them dying after contracting one of these diseases is negligible. No honest health professional can argue with the validity of these statements. Yet, they continue to convey the opposite in order to scare parents into believing otherwise.
So, tell me again why we continue to kill and disable over 400 children per year? Since the late 1990’s we have destroyed the lives of over 4,000 children, including their parents, siblings, and grandparents. I guess it is not a big deal unless you are one of those 4,000 families.

The argument that will be put forth is that the reason why these diseases are not around is because of the wide-spread vaccination program. This is true, in some cases. I do not completely disagree with this argument but I say, so what! The fact is that our children are not currently at risk. Thank you, vaccines, for doing your job. Your services are no longer needed. We will call you when you are needed again.

Why do we not just wait until we see an increase in these diseases and then begin to mass vaccinate? We would only have to subject our children to a few vaccinations every now and then instead of barraging their immature immune systems to 50 doses of at least 14 vaccines!

The reason we continue our current vaccination program has NOTHING to do with concern for your child’s health. Can you guess the real reason? I bet you can.

Let me prove to you that the current vaccination program has nothing to do with what is good for your child. All we have to do is to look at the recommended Hepatitis B vaccination, which they are insanely giving to newborns (usually the day after birth). There are realistically only 3 ways that your child will be at risk for contracting Hepatitis B.
  • The first is if you have Hepatitis B and you give it to your infant during the birthing process. They can test you for Hepatitis B to rule this one out.
  • The second is if your child develops an intravenous drug problem and shares needles with the neighbor’s kids.
  • The third is if your child practices aberrant sexual activity causing blood to be exchanged.

If there is a doctor anywhere on this planet who thinks that your child is at real risk for developing Hepatitis B, we should send him or her to be the personal physician for the president of Iran. How incredibly ridiculous is it that doctors are actually urging parents to have a Hepatitis B vaccine injected into their newborn babies? They have NO expectation that your child is at risk. What is even more disturbing is that the Hepatitis B vaccine has been implicated in causing an increase in Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) symptoms in children. Of course there are dueling studies arguing whether this is true or not. WHO CARES!? Stop giving this unneeded and dangerous vaccine tomorrow. DO NOT LET THEM INJECT YOUR NEWBORN WITH THIS VACCINE!

So, why would any caring doctor ever tell a parent to give their child this vaccine?  They cannot argue that it benefits your child in any manner in light of the most recent studies showing that vaccines loose effectiveness after about 10 years. So, I ask again…why would any caring doctor ever tell a parent to give their child this vaccine? The answer is that they suffer from willful and stubborn ignorance.

The real reason why the medical community now tells parents to get the Hepatitis B shot is because of money. The people who are at the highest risk of contracting Hepatitis B are highly unlikely to voluntarily get the vaccine. The pharmaceutical company cannot make any profit from this vaccine because of this fact. Thus, the pharmaceutical industry targeted their marketing at our politicians convincing them that this was a vital vaccine for our population to receive. Of course, they convinced them that the vaccine was extremely safe and that the eventual reduction in Hepatitis B would be economically beneficial to health care costs in the long-run. The problem is that no one knows whether this is true or not! In fact, it is most likely not true. Now, the pharmaceutical industry makes many millions of dollars off a dangerous and unnecessary vaccine.

What Can You Do?
It is extremely difficult to go against the grain when it comes to vaccinations. You are going to be belittled and ridiculed if you even suggest that you do not want to get your child vaccinated. Your doctors, school nurses, family members and friends who live within the herd mentality of willful and stubborn ignorance will try to make you feel like you are the one that has the wacky thinking. You will have a nightmare time when you have to send your child to school, unless you decide to home school your child. This is not an option for most. As I see it you have one of three choices:
  1. You can cave in to the pressure keeping your fingers crossed in the hopes that your son or daughter does not become one of the many thousands of children who experience a life threatening vaccine side effect. Put that gun against their head and pull the trigger. Good luck! The odds are actually in your favor.
  2. You can agree to have your child receive some vaccinations, but for sure forego the Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, and Gardasil vaccines. If you decide to go down this path of only allowing a few vaccines, I want you to look again at the Adverse Events table.  Take a look at the number of events and then at the age of the child vaccinated. What do you notice? The number of adverse events reduces significantly with age. In just about every category, the older the child the fewer the problems. My recommendation is that if you just don’t have it in you to fight the system and you have to give in, wait until your child is at least 3 years old before you start vaccinations.
  3. You can decide not to have your child vaccinated. You are going to have to create a plan of attack for when your child becomes of school age. Most states have built in religious exemptions and exemptions for high risk children. You will have to check your state’s laws and formulate a letter if you are going to go down the religious exemption route. You will more than likely still have a battle depending upon the attitude of your school nurse and administration. You should investigate and research the information from as many anti-vaccination websites as possible. Here is a good one to check out:
Just know that when you buck the vaccination system you are in for a bumpy ride. Stand your ground. Force your doctor, nurse, friends and family to answer the questions I posed in this article. Force them to realize that the position they hold is not based on all of the facts, just unchallenged beliefs. They will back down on their rhetoric once they know that you are not going to just swallow the party line.
Unfortunately, some self-serving egotists will dismiss your child from their care. Let them know that you do not appreciate their attempt at intimidation and that pediatricians are a dime a dozen. I wish you the best of luck in protecting your child. I hope I have provided you with some useful insights. Please email me with your thoughts.

Posted on March 5, 2017 2:20 PM by Dr. Zimmer
The Flu Shot Lie!
The health industry is lying to you and you probably have no idea it is even occurring! Like most lies, this one is meant to control your thoughts and behavior. In this case it is meant to preserve the reputation and future profits of the flu vaccination program.  Let me expose this lie for you.
Have you ever heard it said that if you proclaim something often enough and with confidence, it will become truth even if it is completely false? We see examples of this all of the time in advertising and in politics. But, unfortunately we also see examples of it in medicine. I say unfortunately because deep down we almost expect to be lied to by advertisers and politicians. However, we most certainly do not expect this kind of misleading behavior from those who are charged with caring for us.
This orchestrated lie is employed every time we find out that the current flu shot is not a good match for the strains of flu affecting people during that year. Because this news has the potential of having a negative effect on the perceived importance of getting a flu shot each season, you will hear the following proclamation from the television, radio and print news over and over again:
“The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has announce that the current flu shot is not a good match for the strains affecting Americans this season. However, doctors urge patients to still get the shot because it may help to reduce the intensity of symptoms if you get the current flu.”
This is an absolute fabrication. It is based on nothing in the scientific literature and has been completely made up. In simpler terms, this is a lie! In fact, there are studies which show just the opposite and I have written about these in my articles “Flu Shots: Trick or Treat” and “Roll Up Your Sleeves …Cross Your Fingers! Say No to 3 Shots!”
The curious thing is that this lie has gained acceptance not only in the general public, but also amongst medical professionals. How in the world could medical doctors and the like not be able to detect this lie immediately if they are in “the know” about these topics? I have some ideas as to why.
Doctors Blindly Parrot The Lie!
Just about every doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and nurse I know will repeat this lie to their patients, friends and family. The question is why.  Please let me make something very clear right away.  I DO NOT believe that these health professionals are lying. I believe they have just blindly accepted what they have heard as fact and are repeating it verbatim. I believe they think what they are saying is the truth, which means that they are not liars. They are, however, guilty of accepting the lie without questioning it and are at fault for repeating this nonsense.
Let me give you some insights from my experience as to why this has occurred.
Every health professional I know is extremely busy. Thus, when they hear something they want to be true, they rarely research the validity of the claim. In the case of the lie that getting a flu vaccine will reduce the symptoms of other illnesses, doctors have a vested interest in wanting this to be true.  Think about it for a moment. Doctors have urged their patients (and in some cases applied significant pressure through guilt and scare tactics) to get their flu shot and to have their kids get the shots too. Now the patient realizes that this recommendation was worthless and that they and their children got a flu shot for no reason.
As a doctor it kind of stinks that you know your recommendation not only ended up being of no benefit to your patients, but caused some to suffer side effects. You realize that if this were to occur too often your patients could lose faith in your recommendations. No doctor likes the thought that this could be the case. Then you hear in the news that even if the flu shot was not a good match it was still beneficial because it would help reduce the symptoms if your patient caught this season’s flu. Can you see how doctors would want this to be true?
If you believe that a busy health professional heard this and then validated it by looking at the research, you are naive. No, they heard this the same way you did (on the news) and accepted it without question because they wanted it to be true. Any medical professional reading this article can prove me wrong by sending me the references to the articles they researched to validate the claim of flu vaccine benefit, even when there was no match in the shot for the viruses circulating this season. No such research exists and to date I have not received one email from a health professional. 
The Real Reason For The Lie
Medical professionals may be guilty of blindly repeating a lie, but they certainly are not the ones who made it up. We all know that if you follow the money you will find who initiated the lie.  But, I do not think it is important to identify the initiator of the lie. Instead, I think it is important for you to understand the real reason behind the lie. The real reason for the lie is to make sure that you do not stop getting a flu shot in the future. The lie is meant to protect the reputation and future profits of the flu vaccine. Do not believe for a second that they are worried about your health or that of your family. 
Fast forward to next year when your doctor recommends that you and your family get their flu shots. They know full well that many will remember that last year’s flu shot was worthless and that this knowledge will temper their enthusiasm to get a shot this time around. This lack of confidence in the flu shot will lead to many just sitting it out next flu season. The end result would be a loss of many millions of dollars. And, if the trend of not matching the strain were to occur again it could mean the death of flu shot profits for years to come.  So, they fabricate a lie that they know doctors would not question, would likely repeat and that would help to reduce the loss of consumer confidence in getting a flu shot.
The Additional Deception
In addition to fabricating this lie, they have to hide one more fact, which could cause the public to seriously question the effectiveness of the flu shot in the future.  The fact that the flu shot may not be effective in any given flu season basically has no effect on the number of kids who die each year because of the flu. 
For example, in the 2012-13 flu season there were 171 children who died from the flu and the flu shot was estimated to be 49% effective. During the 2013-14 season the CDC reported 111 deaths with a 52% effectiveness. During the 2014-15 season it was 148 deaths with a 19% effectiveness and in 2015-16 there were 89 deaths with a 47% effectiveness. Thus, the effectiveness of the flu shot seems to have no significant impact on reducing or increasing the number of deaths by flu. In other words, the flu shot is basically worthless!
This truth could potentially cause a collapse in the flu vaccine industry future profits. It would be very hard to put forth a convincing argument that a season without a flu vaccine would be a bad flu season. So, they keep this information under wraps, use scare tactics to imply just the opposite, and make up the lie that even if the shot for the year does not match the strain it could still help. 
Now you are in the know!
Posted on February 14, 2017 10:54 AM by Dr. Zimmer
Roll Up Your Sleeve…Cross Your Fingers! Say No to 3 Shots!
Man, I hate getting shots and my guess is that I am probably in good company. The fewer shots you have to endure, the better. Well, I am going to tell you about three commonly pushed shots you should never let anyone inject into you or anyone you care about. The problem is health care providers want to constantly stick you with needles to supposedly impart some protection against illness. At least, that is the promise. The facts, however, tell a very different story in some cases. The available information tells us that certain shots could actually be more harmful than beneficial to your health.
We inherently trust our doctors when they tell us to get a shot. The thought that any doctor would suggest a course of treatment that gave us no benefit and had not been proven safe and effective, rarely crosses our mind. Well I am here to tell you to wake up and smell the coffee!
The vast majority of doctors never conduct independent research on anything regarding injectables. They go with the usual and standard treatment protocols as influenced strongly by the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors are so busy that they see no need to waste their time to question the effectiveness or safety of any vaccination. In their minds, FDA approval is all the proof they need to enthusiastically recommend the following three shots.
So, I am going to muddy the waters by throwing in those annoying facts that go against the status quo. Here is my list of the top 3 most dangerous and worthless vaccines the medical community should stop injecting into victims immediately.
Bad Shot 1:  Tetanus Shots
This one will probably come as a surprise to most of you. It is so common to get a tetanus shot when you suffer a cut that it is almost a no-brainer. However, this shot should almost NEVER be given.
Tetanus is a condition where muscles contract uncontrollably due to a toxin produced by the dirt dwelling bacteria, Clostridium tetani. Infection occurs when the bacteria or its spores are driven into a deep cut or wound. Since oxygen kills these bacteria, they have to be inserted into a low oxygen environment as found in a deep wound. Thus, it became classically known that “stepping on a rusty nail” could cause Tetanus. Why? Because the rusting process uses up all of the oxygen and allows for the bacteria to grow under the oxygen-free rusted material. When you step on the rusty nail the rust flakes off and the bacteria are inserted into a deep wound.
The spores from this bacteria can be found anywhere in the world. HOWEVER, the active bacteria are mostly found in warm, moist soils that are usually contaminated by animal feces. Infection requires the person to be exposed to a good dose of spores or bacteria. Poor hygiene practices increase the chances of getting the disease, because if you do not bathe you can accumulate spores on your skin. Thus, most cases in the world occur in Africa through Asia. The picture below shows the prevalence of tetanus in the world today. The higher infection rates are reflected by the darker colors. This chart is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).
The chances of you being exposed to a large number of spores or directly to these bacteria are unbelievably low. If you get cut in your garage, kitchen or in the house your chances are basically zero. This is especially true during the winter months! For example, many people cut their finger with a knife in their house. You have exactly no chance of contracting tetanus in this case. Why take a shot for something you cannot get? It would be like me getting a shot to ward off the PMS symptoms I might get next month.
Now, if you live in an area with warm, moist soil and you get a puncture wound while you have been working in this soil; you might consider getting a tetanus shot. This is especially true if manure has been spread on this soil. Your chances of getting this disease, even in this scenario, are almost zero in the U.S. But, this would be the only time you should consider getting this shot. In the U.S., a large percentage of cases occur in drug users and diabetics with chronic wounds who work around warm moist dirt. If you are not in this risk group, you are not at any real risk of getting this disease.
The main question I anticipate people might ask is why not just get the shot if you suffer a wound just to be safe? Even if you are not exposed this time you might be in the next 10 years. I would actually embrace this line of thinking if the shot was completely safe and effective. But, alas, the tetanus shot is not completely safe or effective.
Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows, of the cases where vaccination status had been reported, that 67% of those who contracted the disease had received at least 1 shot of tetanus vaccine. The percentage of people who had received the shot within 10 years was 24.1%! Thus, about one quarter of the people who had received this vaccine within the last 10 years still got the disease. Clearly, this shot is not 100% effective! But, EVERY doctor who recommends this shot (and all vaccines for that matter) implies that if you get this shot you are protected.
Now, one of the biggest arguments used to defend the use of vaccines is that the number of cases has reduced since the implementation of the Tetanus vaccine. And, there is no doubt the data shows this to be true. However, this has very little to do with the tetanus vaccine. There are two non-vaccine related reasons why cases of tetanus have decreased. The first, and most important, is better hygiene practices since the early 1900’s. And, the second is that since the 1970’s we have seen a drastic reduction of “working in the dirt jobs”. How many of your friends work in the dirt? Thank you, Mr. Computer, for helping to reduce tetanus infections in the U.S. 
More concerning than the ineffectiveness of the shot is that in the last 10 years over 500 people have gone to the Emergency Room after having reactions to the shot. Close to 1,500 people reported reactions to the CDC, 38 people were permanently disabled and 2 people actually died. You need to know that these are the results only for the tetanus shot given alone. Most of the tetanus shots given in the U.S. are in combination vaccines. Thus, the number of people injured by this shot is much higher than these numbers represent.
The CDC reports that only 13.2% of reported cases were fatal in the U.S. with a total of around 300 cases of tetanus reported in the last 10 years. Over the last 10 years, about 40 people have died because of tetanus with many of them being high risk drug addicts and chronically ill diabetics. That means the vaccine has killed or permanently disabled the same number of people as the disease itself. But, only 300 people suffered from the actual disease while, at a minimum, 1,500 people suffered reactions to the shot. The cure is worse than the disease!
So, the bottom line is that the facts show the vaccine is not all that effective and is most certainly not completely safe. Your chances of contracting tetanus in the U.S. are next to zero. The only time you should consider getting this shot is if you are working in warm, moist soil, which has been spread with manure, and you puncture yourself. Or, you might consider getting the shot if you are visiting one of those countries where infection rate is high. If not, do not let them inject you or your children with this potentially dangerous and worthless shot.
Bad Shot 2:  The Flu Shot
I will not get into all of the specifics as to why the flu shot is basically worthless. I urge you to read my article “Flu Shot: Trick or Treat?” and "The Flu Shot Lie" for in-depth reviews of flu shots.
What I want to share with you is some very disturbing information about the flu shot that you will not see pasted on the front pages of news papers, magazines or as the lead story on the T.V. news. If the information I am about to share with you were to involve a natural substance you would see warning reports on every media in the U.S. The hypocrisy is painfully real.
A very bright and observant Canadian researcher made the connection that people who got the 2008-09 flu shot were more likely to get infected with the H1N1 flu in 2009-10. Five studies completed in Canada confirmed this observation. The results were, of course, down played due to the fact that this kind of information would be very harmful to the flu shot industry.
But, now this researcher (Dr. Danuta Skowronski) has reproduced the findings using ferrets. She conducted a study where she gave the ferrets either a flu shot or a placebo. The researcher injecting the animals did not know if they were injecting a placebo or the real flu shot. Thus, there was no bias to influence the results. The results are disturbing and confirm that the flu shot caused those animals that were then infected with H1N1 to become much sicker than those that received the placebo. This confirms the findings seen in humans.
Let me state the findings in simple terms. If you get a regular flu shot you are more likely to get infected by more serious strains of the flu! Dr. Skowronski stated the reason for this real finding is unknown and she urged other research groups to get to the root of the problem before the next flu pandemic.
Again, you and I both know that if any natural substance caused this same effect, the medical community would be calling for the removal of that substance from the market until it was proven safe. But, when the flu shot causes people to become more likely to contract a potentially dangerous flu they tell you to not stop getting your flu shot. Why would they not tell you to stop getting a flu shot until they found the reason for this disturbing finding? After you read “Flu Shot: Trick or Treat?” you will see that the flu shot is basically a worthless shot in the first place.
There are two powerful reasons why there is not a call to stop flu vaccinations. The first is if doctors admitted that the flu vaccine was not effective and was potentially dangerous, your trust in their judgment could be shaken. Can you imagine if your doctor all of a sudden told you that a shot they had urged you to get (and sometimes even used scare tactics on you) so many times in the past could actually be dangerous? My feeling is that they willfully ignore or downplay these type of findings. The other reason is because the pharmaceutical companies involved in the flu shot industry, and who have tremendous influence over the practice of medicine, are worried about losing the thing that is most important to them. Can you guess what that is?
Please do not let them inject you or your children with this worthless and dangerous shot.
Bad Shot 3:  Gardasil
Nothing scares…I mean motivates you more to pay attention than the word Cancer. And the makers of Gardasil, Merck, take full advantage of this fact in promoting the use of their vaccine against HPV (Human PapillovaVirus). The campaign to push Gardasil uses the tactic of who could be against a vaccine that will save lives from cancer.
The message is so powerful and convincing that one state's governor signed an executive order to force all girls to get the vaccine in order to attend school. He, no doubt, was convinced that he was taking action to save women’s lives from this dreaded disease. The problem is that the supposed protection from Gardasil is not so cut and dry. Actually, the real facts should scare every parent to make sure they NEVER inject this poison into their children.
I will try to make you understand how ridiculous it is to use this vaccine in as simple terms as is possible. There are 15 different strains of HPV known to cause cancer. The Gardasil vaccine contains virus-like particles, which MIGHT protect against only 9 different strains of HPV. Not one study shows that Gardasil prevents cancer! The studies done by Merck showed a decrease in HPV infection only in girls who were not already infected with HPV.
Their claim of cancer reduction is theoretical using the logic that reduced infection means protection from cancer. The problem with this line of thinking is that this makes a huge assumption that the vaccine will impart life-long protection against HPV. However, consistent evidence from other vaccines shows that this is rarely, if ever, the case. Thus, the claim that Gardasil protects against cancer is theoretically weak, at best. It is NOT a factual claim even though you would never know this by listening to pro-vaccine advocates.
Now here are the really disturbing facts.
There are a number of HPV vaccines available including, Gardasil. The CDC takes reports about the adverse effects from these similar vaccines. As of January 2017, there have been 17,862 serious adverse events reported to the CDC because of these vaccines. Keep in mind that these are the events where a parent called the doctor and then actually took the time to make the report. How many other events occurred where the doctor down played the side-effect and no report was made? The total number of real adverse events is WAY higher than 17,862! Take a moment to let this number sink in.
In addition, there were 14,108 Emergency Room visits where 4,505 girls ended up being hospitalized. Of those, 1,677 became permanently disabled in some capacity, 789 had life-threatening symptoms and 304 girls are DEAD because of these vaccines. These numbers should scare the heck out of you. These numbers should make you mad as a hornet! Especially, if your doctor convinced you to inject this poison into your child!
The bottom line is that in light of these very real and known adverse reactions you have to ask yourself a very important question. Why in the world would you allow someone to inject your child with such a dangerous vaccine when there is only a theoretical HOPE that they will realize a reduction in the chance of getting HPV related cancers? Moreover, ask yourself why any doctor would ENTHUSIASTICALLY suggest that you inject your child with this dangerous vaccine?
Please stop killing children with this worthless shot!
Dr. Z’s Final Thoughts
I will say there are other vaccines that I think are worthless and/or potentially dangerous. I didn’t include them here simply because I am afraid if an article is too long, it will not be read. On top of the list not included in this article would be vaccines for Chicken Pox and for Hepatitis B. Feel free to contact me to get my thoughts on why you should stay away from these vaccines.
My main hope is you will come to the realization that you have to educate yourself in order to make proper health decisions for your family. Your doctor has been irreversibly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to their vaccine beliefs. They will always give you the pro vaccine position and will downplay any opposing views. If you think they have balanced their opinions by a thorough review of the facts, you are naïve. If you think me wrong, just take a moment next time they ask you to get a tetanus, flu or Gardasil vaccine to ask them if the information I have just shared with you causes them any concern. I will bet you big time they do not even know about these facts. Your doctor is not a vaccine expert; he/she is a vaccine advocate. Understanding this difference may save your life!
As always, when it comes to the subject of vaccines, my goal is to give you the balanced information you need in order to make an informed decision. You may very well decide to accept the injection of these vaccines after you read the information and perspective I have provided for you in this article. All I can suggest to you if you still decide to let them inject you or your children with these shots is to roll up your sleeves and then cross your fingers!