Intense Digestive Cleanse
If you have not done so already, I suggest you read the information under the Choosing A Cleanse link of this section in order to determine whether you should complete this protocol or the Regular Digestive Healing Cleanse.
I want to emphasize how important it is for you to understand that almost all of the other so-called colon/digestive cleanses you will find on the market are full of laxatives. Now some will claim not to contain “harsh” laxatives to calm your fear of being forced to run to the can at the most inopportune time. They all, however, still contain high doses of laxatives. The reason is simple: when you experience a meaningful bowel movement you will most likely think that something meaningful has occurred. If this were the case then buy a cheap laxative and you have accomplished the same thing without causing your wallet to lose so much weight. I will not play games with your health!
The Intense Digestive Healing Cleanse contains no laxatives because it has been formulated to affect real and lasting changes to your gut’s environment with the goal of creating an improvement in your over-all health. It may cost more upfront to do it right but in the end (no pun intended) it costs a lot more to spend less money on a worthless protocol. You cannot afford to continue to endure the digestive symptoms you now experience. Start the healing of your digestive tract immediately by ordering the Intense Digestive Healing Cleanse right now.
Your package will contain a copy of my Digestive Healing Cleanse booklet which provides complete and easy to understand instructions on how to perform the Intense Digestive Healing Cleanse protocol. It includes the detailed descriptions for each supplement you will take along with the dietary guidelines you will have to follow. You can read the booklet by clicking this link: Digestive Cleanse Booklet

 Your Intense Digestive Healing Cleanse Package will include:
  • Dr. Zimmer’s Digestive Healing Cleanse booklet containing detailed information about how to perform this protocol.
  • Access to Dr. Zimmer via a special email address to answer your specific cleansing questions.
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Zimmer’s "Y" Yeast/Fungal Control Formula (60 capsules)
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Zimmer’s "P" Parasite/Bacteria Control Formula supplement (90 capsules)
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Zimmer’s 7 Blend Good Bacteria (30 capsules)
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Zimmer’s Multi-Fiber Blend (90 capsules)
  • 1 container of EnteroMend by Thorne (5.9 ounces powder)
  • 1 bottle of Dr. Zimmer’s Digestive Enzyme Formula (90 capsules)
Cost $170   Suggested Retail  $210
WARNING: Do not self diagnose or self treat any medical condition. See your health professional or set up a consult with Dr. Zimmer.
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