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Dr. Zimmer’s writings have been described as hard hitting, fair-minded, thought-provoking and educational. As you read his articles you will find Dr. Zimmer to be passionate and humorous without being overzealous. His articles will challenge and educate you all while giving you logical direction on how to live a healthier life.

Audio Downloads
Are all vitamins the same and are you just creating expensive urine? What is cholesterol and how do you lower your cholesterol naturally? Learn what to do to support your body if you are experiencing high stress. How do you get rid of heartburn naturally and be able to get off medication? To find out these answers and many more, listen to Dr. Zimmer’s audio books or download them in Mp3 format.

Dr. Z’s FunZies
There is healing in humor. These are some of the humorous cartoons Dr. Zimmer has used in his past Health Zingers email newsletter. Take a moment to smile!
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