Consult Details
We mostly work with patients who do not know where to turn next for some guidance in overcoming their health condition. The majority have endured numerous doctors visits and a number have been to other nutritionists, but have hit a wall on their journey towards feeling well again. Do you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, digestive problems (heartburn/GERD, constipation, pain, gas, belching, IBS, etc.), PMS, menopausal symptoms, autoimmune disease (M.S., Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s/UC, Psoriasis, etc.), ADD/ADHD, anxiety problems, allergies, heart concerns, memory/focusing problems, diabetes, multiple chemical sensitivities, or just do not feel well?  We need to talk!
We also counsel many on how to simply get back on track and give them suggestions on proper vitamin supplementation. If you think you might benefit from one-on-one attention, then you should consider making a nutritional counseling in person or phone/internet appointment.
This is a one-of-a-kind consultation where we will interact together in a way meant to give you a deeper understanding as to why your body is sending you signals of alarm. The most unique aspect is that you have absolutely nothing to lose. Our consults are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
It is impossible to guarantee the exact outcome you will eventually experience after our nutritional consult. This is because every person is different and even people with similar symptoms may show improvements at different rates. Thus, we think it is unethical and disingenuous for anyone to guarantee a cure-like outcome for you. We do guarantee, however, that you will be satisfied with your nutritional consult. If for ANY REASON after our initial meeting you feel as if your experience was not what you wanted or expected, just let us know within 24 hours. You can call the clinic’s number or you can simply email us. We will refund 100% of your money immediately! You will not be hassled or badgered one bit. Although we appreciate feedback, it is not necessary for a refund. Our desire is to be here for your benefit, not ours. The consult is Risk-Free for you!
“For thirty years I struggled with a condition called chronic myofascial pain. Every day I  had painful trigger points and muscle pain all over my body. I went to many different medical professionals over the years and tried many types of treatment. But, nothing relieved the pain more than temporarily.This condition significantly limited my activities and my ability to enjoy life.
It was becoming progressively worse when I heard about Dr. Zimmer through a family member. Dr. Zimmer was the first to correctly identify the cause of this pain – leaky gut syndrome due to the many types of painkillers I had taken over the years. He prescribed a course of treatment that has considerably improved the condition.
I am so grateful for Dr. Zimmer’s knowledge and skill. He is a TENACIOUS researcher who has helped me with other unusual health concerns. I highly recommend him not only as a skilled clinician, but also as a very caring person who has dedicated himself to helping those who have not benefited from other forms of treatment. He is honest, fair, and willingly takes on challenging cases .”
Jenny S.
Indianapolis, Indiana

What Steps Do You Need To Take?
A nutritional consult will consist of three phases. Each phase is described below:

Phase 1: Information Gathering
You will provide us with a detailed history of your health condition.  You can download the nutritonal consult form by going to Download Consult Patient Forms. When completed, please email or fax it to us along with copies of any testing that you have had completed to date.

Phase 2: Nutritional Consult
You will have your nutritional consult. This will not be the typical take this supplement for that symptom nutritional consult. Our goal is to get to the root of your problem and to counsel you on how to make core changes that will have a meaningful impact on your overall health. It is important to us that you fully understand our recommendations. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge instead of simply telling you what to do. The importance of this principle is founded in the fact that your pursuit of proper health will be a life-long endeavor. Your nutritional consult will certainly be an educational experience.

Phase 3: Follow-up
The majority of your follow-up will be done via email. It is not uncommon to have a couple of additional appointments depending on the severity of your symptoms and the nature of our treatment recommendations. We will agree upon any future phone appointments at the end of your first consult. Good communication will be important for the best possible health outcome. This is not just a one-shot approach to getting you healthy. We want to become a part of your team for as long as you need us! We will be there for you throughout your treatment regimen.
“After suffering with Fibromyalgia symptoms and hormonal issues for 12 years, I truly believe that working with Dr. Zimmer has been the turning point in my journey towards improved health. Dr. Zimmer and I had numerous detailed discussions about my symptoms and he suggested key tests that helped us determine just what was happening in my body. After carefully analyzing the results, he made important nutritional recommendations to address those issues. There is no “cookie cutter” approach here! I finally feel that I am on the right track to give my body the proper nutritional tools to begin the healing process. There are few doctors these days that work so hard to get to the real root of the problem. He works tirelessly to do so. I don’t know where I would be today if I had not had his expertise, and just as importantly, his care and deep concern to help me. I can’t say enough about my positive experience with Dr. Zimmer. He and his helpful staff have truly been a blessing. “
Donna P.
Zionsville, Indiana

Making an Appointment/Cost
Making an appointment is easy to do. Just call the clinic (317) 813-1998 to reserve a time that will be convenient for you. You will need to give us a valid credit card number in order for us to reserve your appointment time. All credit card numbers are kept on an encrypted and secure system. If you do not cancel your appointment with 24 hours notice you will be charged a 50% missed appointment fee. The reason for this rule is that your consult time is blocked out of our schedule and if you call within a couple of hours before your appointment to cancel it is impossible for us to fill in that time.
Keep in mind any time differences. Indiana is on Eastern Standard time (New York time). Appointment times can be scheduled Monday through Friday. A typical consult lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and the fee is simply $150. Any follow-up consults will be 20 -30 minutes in duration at a cost of $75. Those who are not suffering from a specific condition and only want an analysis and recommendation for basic supplement intake should ask for a 30 minute consult. The cost will be $75 and we can usually cover all family members during this time.
If you schedule a phone/internet consult, we will CALL YOU. For example, if your appointment date is Wednesday at 10:00  a.m. (your time) we will call you between 10:00 and 10:15. We make every attempt to call at the start of your appointment. However, being that we see real people with real problems we sometimes run slightly behind. We will spend the full time together for your consult. If you will be coming into the clinic please arrive 15 minutes prior to your consult time so we can take care of any needed paperwork.Your journey down the road to better health will then begin! Feel free to call right now even if it is after hours. Leave us your contact information and we will return your call ASAP.
 “For the past 20 years I have been a classic case of 10 min consultations with doctor after doctor resulting in yet another drug more powerful than the last to treat anxiety/depression (which I now believe was an easy label for “I just don’t know what’s wrong with you lady!).  The resulting side effects  of traditional drugs (chronic fatigue – body ache – mental numbness etc…) put me in search of another option.  Living in a somewhat remote area of the US my options were limited. I thank God for finally being referred to Dr. Zimmer.  Via the internet Dr. Z has led me down a road to better health both physically and emotionally.  It has not been a quick fix and has required lifestyle changes that didn’t come easily for me.  But it has been well worth the effort.  I feel better than I have in years.  His knowledge, passion for his work and love for his patients were clear from the first appointment.  I so appreciate that he makes himself to easily accessible to his patients.  I was not just another chart or an appointment to rush through for Dr. Z and his staff – they give personal care  at it’s very best!  Thank you Dr. Z., you have given me a new lease on life and the courage to continue walking down the pathway to better overall health!”
Diana L.
Mobridge, South Dakota
“My family and I became very ill from mold toxin exposure. After two ER visits and seeing multiple physicians, a good friend recommended I see Dr. Zimmer. I was very skeptical of nutritionists, but I was desperate. From the first appointment I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Zimmer. Dr. Zimmer treated me for adrenal fatigue. I went from thinking I needed to be on antidepressants for life to having my health restored – drug free. Likewise, my two children were being treated by physicians for allergies with nasal steroids and antihistamines. Within one month of treatment with Dr. Zimmer, my children came off the medication with no symptoms returning. I appreciate the education I received – not only to heal, but to prevent further illnesses. Dr. Zimmer is very knowledgeable. He does not claim more than what is researched. Best of all…he has a huge heart – he really cares!”
Joanna C.
Greenfield, Indiana

“I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Dr. Zimmer helped me to understand what diabetes is and how to make the right choices regarding nutrition and what supplements would be beneficial. He also helped calm my fears and assured me that I am in charge, not my disease. Dr. Z is always there when I have questions about nutrition and supplements (which is quite often). Now, about those corny jokes…they are great fun!”
Cathy K.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Zimmer. I am finally getting answers to the questions about my health that have bothered me for so long. After years as a regular exerciser, I began to struggle to complete my daily tasks. I was dealing with regular pain in my stomach that made me want to lie down and curl up in a ball. I sought advice from my doctor, and was told that I was depressed and offered medication. I changed to a different doctor, had a full range of tests run and was again told there was no medical reason for my fatigue and it was probably due to depression. After being referred to Dr. Zimmer for neck and back pain, I not only walked away feeling better physically, but I began to have hope that there were answers to my questions. Dr. Zimmer helped me detoxify my body, build up my immune system, and deal with the imbalances that were causing my pain.
Dr. Zimmer is a storehouse of information about health and nutrition. I have asked many questions and have always been given timely, knowledgeable explanations. What impresses me the most about Dr. Zimmer is his willingness to listen and take the time to help even when there is no financial benefit to be gained. I have come to trust “Dr. Z” because he has taken the time to explain things, treated me as a friend, and because the products he has suggested have actually improved my health. I highly recommend Dr. Zimmer to my family and friends! He has been a real blessing in my life!”
Beth T.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I praise God for the nutritional advice and guidance that I have received from Dr. Zimmer. He truly has a genuine love and desire to teach his patients about health and nutrition in order to guide them to lifestyles of optimal health. Dr. Zimmer has always been available to answer the many questions I have about health and has taken the time to make sure I understand what he is talking about. Dr Zimmer’s staff is one-of-a-kind! They love every patient that walks through the door and they go above and beyond in every way. I can’t imagine what my health would be like without Dr. Zimmer in my life. He thoroughly loves his job and it shows everyday. He is real, honest and loves the Lord. I know I will be a life-long patient!”
Laura D.
Fishers, Indiana

“Five years ago my 9 year old daughter started seeing Dr. Zimmer for her scoliosis. A year later I was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. I felt it was just as important to keep the healthy part of my body strong to fight the bad cells and the lethal chemo. Dr. Zimmer invested a lot of time researching my nutrition and supplement plan. He carefully explained everything, always is available to answer any questions and continues to update my protocol as he learns about new information. I have felt great and it has been four years!!! Both my daughters and I see Dr. Zimmer regularly as he is monitoring my daughter’s scoliosis. He is very compassionate about what he does and his compassion is felt by the three of us!”
Karen S.
Carmel, Indiana
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