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Detoxification is the complex process by which your body deals with and gets rid of substances that will become potentially harmful to you if they accumulate. The substances that get the most attention are those we would classify as foreign to the body chemicals (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, cleaners, etc.). But, they also include herbals, natural hormones, and other natural by-products produced by the body. This process is accomplished by a number of systems in your body, but your liver does the lion’s share of the work.
Since the accumulation of these substances can cause you to become ill, it makes sense at a basic level to want a robust detox system. The big question is how do you accomplish this task. Science has given us some great insights into answering this question. People trying to make a profit under the mantra of “Detox” have made a mockery of the process. We are here to tell you that most so-called detox products and protocols are ridiculous and worthless (except at emptying your wallet).
Know that detoxification is a very real process which you can influence in such a manner as to greatly improve your health.
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