Toxicity Symptoms
The below listed possible symptoms are associated with your body’s inability to deal with the many toxins it can be exposed to on a daily basis. Many of these symptoms can be caused by numerous conditions. This list is not meant to help you self diagnose or to self treat. It is simply meant to illustrate how far reaching and dangerous the effects of poor detoxification may be to your health.
General Fatigue Joint Pain Muscle Pain
Swelling Irritability Depression
Headaches Migraines Twitching
Foggy Thinking Memory Problems Dementia
Bronchitis Allergies Sinusitis
Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Lupus
Parkinson's Disease Alzheimers ADHD
Liver Disease Kidney Disease Thyroid Problems
Cancer Thinning Hair Skin Problems
Flu-like Symptoms Chronic Cough Drug Sensitivity
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