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Detoxification is currently one of the biggest fads in natural health today. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the term detoxification and most products that claim to be “detox” products are simply digestive laxative programs. It is time to educate yourself to understand detoxification, since your body’s ability to deal with our toxic environment is indeed important to vibrant health.

What Is Detoxification? Don’t Be Fooled!
The first thing you have to understand is that a so-called Colon Cleanse or Digestive Cleanse is NOT a detoxification protocol! You will notice that I have two separate sections on this site: Body Detox and Digestive Cleanse. The reason for this is that although a healthy digestive system plays an important role in the removal of toxins from your body and is vital for many other reasons, the digestive system does not detoxify harmful toxins already in your body. Your liver does the majority of the heavy lifting in performing detoxification reactions in your body. Thus, “cleaning out” your digestive system does little to stimulate the complicated detoxification process of the body.  Digestive Cleansing and Body Detoxification are two different systems which require separate protocols. If you are having digestive problems perform a digestive cleanse. If you are concerned about how toxins are affecting your health, perform a body detoxification protocol.
To give you a better understanding, let’s follow a toxin as it makes its journey through your system. Once a toxin infiltrates your barriers it has to be expelled. The problem is that this toxin cannot be excreted in its current molecular form. In order to accomplish this task your body has to change the toxin into a water soluble molecule. The reason is because you cannot sweat, pee, poop or breathe out fats. The task of changing this toxin into a water-soluble molecule is performed in your liver by complex chemical reactions. These are the reactions which we can support and influence. The toxin is then “detoxified” and is taken out of your body in your urine, sweat, breath or stool.
The common misconception regarding detoxification is that you can actually get rid of all of the toxins in your body. You cannot and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Toxins that are not initially detoxified and excreted are stored in fatty tissues. Think of your fat tissue as toxin jail. Keeping the toxins sequestered in fat cells keeps them from damaging other cells in your body. It is impossible to get all of the toxins stored in your fatty tissues to release at once. If this occurred you would most likely become violently ill or you would die. Thus, the term detoxification refers to a protocol which supports and enhances your body’s ability to process toxins. Products making the claim of being able to completely rid your body of toxins are engaging in false advertising.

Do You Even Need To Support Detoxification?
I always get a giggle out of “medical experts” on the news or on medical websites who completely dismiss the need for and benefit from supporting the detoxification system. Make no mistake of the fact that you and your family are being exposed to an enormous amount of toxins from multiple sources. Let me give you a very short list of every day toxic exposures: gasoline fumes, air fresheners, sweeteners, new car smell, pesticides, fertilizers, air pollution, carpeting, candles, nail polish/remover, cleaning chemicals, plastics, preservatives, colorings, cigarettes, car exhaust, clothing, make-up, hair products, toothpaste, paint, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, dry cleaning chemicals, glue, grilled foods, hormones in our foods, and the list goes on and on! No one escapes these exposures and most Americans are getting exposed to significant levels of multiple toxins. In addition to the exposures you need to also take into consideration poor diets and our highly stressful lifestyles.
So, the premise that supporting your body’s ability to get rid of these toxins affords you no health benefits is a weak-minded one; in my humble opinion. I strongly believe that everyone should support their body’s ability to detoxify at least twice a year. I personally perform my Internal Detox Protocol after the New Year and after the 4th of July.

Can A Detoxification Protocol Really Have A Significant Impact On Your Health?
An important fact to note when considering the effects these toxins have on your health is that each of us has a unique chemistry. You may be able to handle large amounts of toxins with few symptoms or ill effects. Or, you may be affected by even small levels of toxins. The concerning part is that symptoms can seem to appear out of nowhere. You feel fine one day and then all of a sudden symptoms come out of the blue. And sometimes the symptoms can be life threatening! See Toxicity Symptoms for more information.
Simple logic suggests that fewer toxins in your system will equate to fewer health problems. This simple logic seems to hold true in this case since I have seen, sometimes amazing, changes in a number of my patients. I am not a fan of using testimonials as the basis for believing in something. Multi-level marketing companies use this ploy to effectively convince people of their products’ magic and it works (even when the products do not). So, the only testimonial I will share with you is my experience as a clinician. I have seen wonderful transformations in many patients who have followed the protocols found on this site. I have seen people with multiple symptoms begin a new life. I share this with you not to suggest that you will experience some incredible and immediate turn around in your health, but to illustrate to you that these protocols have an obvious influence on the body. So, can they have a significant effect on your health? Without a doubt, YES!

How Does Dr. Zimmer’s Protocol Differ From Other Programs Or Products?
First and foremost, let me remind you that the main goal for most people offering detox products is simply profit. Your health benefit is only a hopeful, secondary gain. To that effect, many of these products are formulated with marketing “window dressing.” In other words, they contain potentially helpful substances at doses far lower than needed for a true benefit. It looks good in the “window”, but there is nothing behind it! They are betting on the fact that you will have no way of knowing what amount of herbal or supplement is the right amount. They know that your focus will be on the name not the amount provided in the formula. I think that this is fraud!
On the other side of the coin there are detoxification protocols like the Foot Bath Detox or Olive Oil/Espon Salt Detox which are simply ridiculous. For more insights read my article on FOOT DETOX BATHS. Anyone supporting the use of these protocols is either weak minded or a pure shyster. I personally would not like either directing any of my health care decisions.
Detoxification is a complex and multi-factorial system. Most products/protocols address only a few aspects of this complex system. Coupled with their “window dressing” ingredients, these products are thus woefully incomplete and do not provide a thorough detox. In fact, many are chock-full of laxatives which are meant to give you a “rushing” sensation that you will most likely interpret as good detox. This slight of hand has nothing to do with detoxification, only good marketing. Although these other protocols may not cost much, you are only accomplishing two things: you are wasting your money and you are not improving your health. My protocols address the multiple factors affecting detox, thereby, providing for more thorough and effective detoxification support. Unlike most of the worthless other detox programs you can buy, my protocols contain therapeutically effective dosages of each supplement. To read more specific details about my Detoxification Protocols click on the link below.
If you decide to detox, do it right or don’t do it at all! Go to: Detox Packages
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