Watch Out For Scams
You will find advertisements for them on T.V., radio, in print and on the internet. They promise to help you shed pounds of unwanted waste that is spackled to your colon wall. And, of course, they supply you with many testimonials and misrepresentations (that is the nice word for lying).
My favorite misrepresentations are found on sites that show you a picture of a celebrity (Oprah, Dr. Oz) or the logo for a major news outlet (CNN, FOX, USA Today, etc.) and imply that their product has received their endorsement. They usual say things like “endorsed by Oprah” or as seen on FOX News. What they don’t tell you is that Oprah or FOX did not endorse their product specifically. Oprah or Fox simply marqueed a positive story on the subject of proper digestion. Since their product deals with digestion and Dr. Oz made a positive comment about a healthy digestive tract they now imply his endorsement of their product. If you know me at all as one of my patients or through my writings, you know that I get extremely frustrated when people actually fall for these scams. Hopefully, now you will never fall prey.

Is Your Colon Really Crusted With Pounds Of Waste?
This is one of the most popular claims made by colon cleansers. It is a fabrication used to motivate you to take cleansing action by stimulating your gross-a-meter. Just the thought of nasty, mucousy, rusted crude stuck to my intestinal walls makes me pull out my credit card. Good thing it is simply not true. Let me prove it to you. I have seen many dozens of my patient’s colonoscopy pictures. I have NEVER seen pounds of rusting waste caked to the colon wall. Here is why the very premise makes no medical sense.
The cells of the intestinal tract are rapidly growing and pushing outward as they mature. Older cells die and sloth off to be removed in your feces. How in the world, then, would years of junk stick to a wall that is constantly flaking off. Whatever cell the junk anchored into would die and be gone in short time. Thus, it is impossible for the stuff you eat to stick to the sides of your colon. That is why I have never seen a colonoscopy with junk spackled to the side of the colon wall. If you ever hear someone advertise this myth you should simply move on. You will hear a lot of practitioners who push colonic irrigation spewing this lie in order to sell the benefits of the procedure.

What Do The Majority of Digestive Cleanses Do Anyways?
The vast majority of digestive cleansing products provide one main ingredient at therapeutic dose. The ingredient is a laxative. For some reason people think that they have accomplished some task of detoxification if they experience an eventful bowel movement. If this were the case you could just load up with over-the-counter laxatives and your colon would be cleansed. In fact, that is the exact reason why I have never seen a colonoscopy picture with junk stuck to the wall. If you have had this procedure done you know of what I am talking. It is referred to as “colonoscopy prep”. You get to drink a wicked jug of liquid that creates hurricane force surges to come screaming from your rectum. True digestive cleansing addresses much more than the initiation of bowel movements. Read the Choosing A Cleanse link found on the Related Pages to the right.

A Word About Internet Sites Supposedly Exposing Scams…
It is kind of ironic that I am writing about sites supposedly exposing scams in a section of my site dedicated to the same subject. But, one of the most popular and effective ways to gain someone’s confidence is to lead them to believe that you are a scam investigator. There are so many sites out there that urge you to read their information regarding scams before you buy any products. They give you some story of how their investigators have researched many products and have found the best for you. The problem is that I have yet to find a site that is not a scam in and of itself. The “Watch out for a scam” marketing technique works very well. You let your guard down because your subconscious thinks that someone who is exposing scams would not sink so low as to become a scammer. WRONG!
Now, I am fully aware of the fact that I am walking a very fine line here since a good portion of my website is dedicated to exposing untruths. Here is the difference. I always give you my reasoning behind why I believe what I believe. And, my reasoning is not full of pure rhetoric meant to confuse your attention away from the scam. Additionally, I never use sensationalism to try to persuade you to do anything. I use logic, reason, science and experience. I believe that I am walking on the right side of the very fine line.
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